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Ancre 1


Photography exhibition drawn on canvas

Château de Montségur
 " Pour ne pas chuter dans l'abîme des cieux obscurs, la lumière s'ancre aux vestiges crénelés, témoins ultimes de son évanescente   splendeur. "
 Textes  Isabelle Millet Ursin  pour "In Situ..."
Castle of Montségur
Size 188 x 40 cm

For "In Situ", he develops a concept by associating with the composer and performer Philippe Codecco who will be a partner of his exhibitions during piano concerts, and from his meeting with the writer Isabelle Millet Ursin, are born texts that are inspired by this work and which are integrated into the exhibitions.The perception of these magical places in the midst of shades of black and white served in deep gray ... it is on canvases that he gets the best rendering in agreement with his emotions, that's how he chooses to deliver his work. " The charge of the image is intense. In panoramas, rise stones and lights, gaps in the clouds, resistance, witness of the persistence of living, of this fragile battle, but just as impregnable, what a wonder to define what we see as a trigger. Jean Luc Monges (journalist) about "InSitu ...

Scénography of exibition "In Situ  Virginie Lautredou architecte CFAI
Château des Baux de Provence
Castle Les Baux de Provence
Size 90 x 40 cm
Château de Miglos
Castle of Miglos
Size 200 x 40 cm
Château de Puilaurens
Château de Montségur
Château de Carcassonne
Château de Carcassonne
Château de Carcassonne
Chateau Carcassonne
Taille réelle 170 x 90 cm
Castle of Carcassonne
Originality of the formats:

The choice of formats is adapted to what I wanted to capture the photographic moment. For this photographic exhibition, 45 canvases are presented in different formats, a unique experience for a theme treated in its entirety 45 canvases and more than 10 different formats ranging from 60x40 cm to 228x40 cm

Château de Carcassonne
Castle of Carcassonne
Size 228 x 40 cm

InSitu .... has been blessed since the beginning of a significant media coverage." Articles in the daily press, TV interview, "In Situ ..... and more recently the work done with the children of Montcalm College, has aroused the interest of the press which sees in this exhibition at the same time the artistic, historical and educational interest of my photographic approach. With Virginie Lautrédou, CFAI architect and scenographer, presentation of "In Situ ... exclusively and in its entirety at Les Baux de Provence where Jean Luc Verchere is invited in 2009. Quickly, In Situ becomes an aesthetic reference hailed by the public and critics.

Articles presse
Expo les Baux De Provence
Articles Presse
In Situ au Baux de Provence
Articles Presse
Articles Presse
Articles Presse
In Situ Presse
Polography à la Fashion Night Couture
In Situ
Ancre 2

 "In Situ.... 

Invité d'honneur aux Baux de Provence  galerie " La Citerne " 2009  

Annecy ( La Balme ) accompagné par   Philippe   Codecco au  piano 


 Soirée   Languedoc et citadelles cathares  ( Savoie) 

Château de Foix  (  CG Ariège )  expo permanente  

   Expo  Domaine  d'Auriac ****  


  In Situ devient support pédagogique dans les collèges  

  Projet artistique photographique collège du montcalm sur site   ( chateau  Montréal de sos )


DIAPHRAGME    Exposition Albertville

4 ème  Rencontre  Internationale Photographique  Saint Geniez  d'Olt


"In Situ s'expose au côté de "Diaphragme au Palais des   Evêques à Saint Lizier


Invité d'honneur pour l'anniversaire duDomaine de verchant ***** ( Castelnau le Lez  /  Montpellier )


 La Aula  ( Esserts Blay )  Savoie "

Invité  à Muret

S'expose à Saint Orens 2019

 Baron de Tavernier ( Suisse )


In Situ s'expose à La Galerie La Citerne Château de Carcassonne 2019

"Eclat d'Ombres". Exposition  organisée par le  Centre  des Monuments Nationaux Château  Comtal Carcassonne 2021    



Polography s'expose en mode Preview au BMW Masters Polo Tour à Courchevel 

 Polography s'expose au Geneva Polo Club 

 Polography s"expose à la Fashion night Couture  2014  ( Ile de Ré  ) 

 Polography au Polo Club de Genève 

 Polography à Paris Galerie VU

 Polography au Polo de Veytay 

 Polography  s'expose à la Fashion Night Couture 

 Polography s'expose à Gstaad pour la Polo Golden cup 

 Polography s'expose avec Aston Martin et Rolls Royce au Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo Masters de Genève



Ancre 5
Marble Surface

Location Expo

 The exhibitions "In Situ ..." and Polography are available for rent.



Whether you are a gallery, a library, a company, an individual, a cultural center, a community ... you have an event project ....





✅Adjustment of the content of the exhibition and the scenography.

✅The exibition :

Transportation, assembly and dismantling of the exhibition are provided by me.

✅Communication :

Contents: flyer, poster, (digital support) adapted to each action.  

✅ An animation can be proposed to make this exhibition a real rendezvous.



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