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Tirage Digigraphie

Digigraphie is a trademark registered by Epson with the INPI


Digigraphie is the fruit of a long research that led to the creation of a technical quality label to reproduce works of art in limited edition, numbered, signed by the author of the work and validated by a certificate authenticity. The rules governing this label are developed by a group of artists brought together by Epson.

Digigraphie approved papers have passed light resistance tests to ensure a lifetime of over 60 years This label is governed by 2 commitments:


A technical commitment:

- Exclusive use of an Epson printer and original Epson UltraChome inks.

-Use of certified paper.

-The work reproduced will be authenticated by a certificate, a number in the limited edition planned, signed by the hand of the artist, marked in relief with a cold clamp.

A moral commitment:


The artist undertakes to reproduce only a limited edition of his works and not to exceed the number of prints determined, which implies:

. A limited number of tests clearly defined. . A reproduction format of the work.

. Digigraphie certified paper print media.



Polography photography only

The Dibond is a polyethylene sandwich that combines lightness and rigidity, its very smooth surface allows finishing with the finest papers without distorting the texture of the paper.


In this finishing, the paper gives the artistic measure of the rendering of the photograph wanted by the author, because there is no barrier of protection between the photograph and the look of the eye.

Very contemporary, this finish fits easily in all environments. There is for this hanging finish:


- A rotating frame that takes off the Dibond approximately 20mm from the wall in a uniform way, it is the ideal and unavoidable option for an exhibition and presentation of art prints with the most beautiful effect.

Important: This finish is demanding, we do it in our workshop only in clean environment on a laminator dedicated to the finishing of photographs and art prints.

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